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Yes, i get it from a metaphysical point of view also
and the creating we do from a higher frequency before
coming in and also during. In fact, that's how i got it first
from Shirley.
But really, the quote hit me from a much more linear
perspective. It was more about how i spent so much time
in search of myself when i was here all the time. Ha! And
all the creating i was doing was not on this realm. It was
being shared on this realm but it was something else i was
doing on another realm while trying to find myself in this
linear realm that i really didn't care for. Hard to explain.
But now i'm not creating from somewhere else. i'm
manifesting right here and now and i've never been on
more solid ground and the quote just brought it all full circle
to me how it has all come from that to this. And that's why
i had to say thank you. Soft Grin...
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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