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Originally Posted by ShirleyMac
I'm adding my energy to the safe return of this boy and pose a question...
don't you think we should be addressing what is causing all of this violence? Not just in the US but all around the globe?

I was thinking about this today, how everything is escalating. I mean everything. Wonderful manifestations for me and Sean, and then the contrast of people going nuts and shooting up the world. Every energy, whether positive or negative seems to be magnified these days.

It seems that everything is coming to the "surface", good, bad and indifferent, coming to the surface to be exposed.

To me, it is like, what we hold in our hearts is coming to the surface. I, personally am grateful that I have chosen to focus on upliftment everyday. I choose how I am going to go through my day, no matter what is happening around me. I choose peace in every circumstance. And because of the energy of that decision, that is exactly what I experience.

So now, I don't have bad days. I may experience a bad moment but then I correct it as quickly as I can because I don't like that feeling. And I know I am in control of how I wish to "feel"..

That is what works for me anyway.

Blessings to all!

Love, Deb
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