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Default castle and a kingdom

The following with a session with Marge:
son a marriage instead of war."His wife said.
That son of the devils own.Killed and attack our last convey.Of food and weapons."
"He said he didn't," said the queen.
"I will kill him rather submit to his demands,who does he think he is."
"We are to met on tomarrow at the cross roads."The queen added.
"What you son quiet as ever.Your reason would be favored."
"Fight my father you and this king at the cross roads to the death.Its the only way.I will make sure if he wins he won't live long to enjoy his victory."
"Go down fighting rather cow down,thats the spirit my son."

The next day at the top of buff over looking the cross roads.Stood the king of next relm and his two body guards.At the bluff was the queen and his son and four guards all on horse back.
"I go now queen with my two guards to match his people.I will fight and win."Then the king lefted with his two guards.
"Son take your bow and guards you as well and kill the King at my bidding."
The men looked at each other.
"DO as she says or face war that you will surey loose."
"Fire ,"yelled the queen.
The men and his son shot arrows into the air hiting all three men .All falling from there horse dead.
"The king from the other city raise his hand and left.
"MY Queeen I am at serive ."Her son said.
"This girl is not right for you,by my bed to comfort me."
Her son pulled up his rains "as you command my Queen.

The queen was mary
the king is her presont husband
I am the son.
THe other king is someone in her past.
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