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Red face

After one my session with Marge I was feeling a little light headed.At the time I was working as carpet salesman and told my boss I had a measurement.So I had to go back to work afterwards.
I came to traffic stop sign that seem kind of long.For some reason I turned head towards the passengers side.There was a man slumped over next to widow.The glass was shot out and the man had blood coming out of wound in upper chest.The car had suddenly turn into a 30's ford.
"Are you alright,"I heard myself saying.
He caughted and said "Shit no Johny.I don't want a doctor ....go to jail for sure."
I looked at him and I knew he wouldn't make it.The wind whisled through the broken glass.Then I turned back to the stop sign and was back in my reality.I looked back the passengers side but that image was gone as well.

This next thing ties with the firs.
For a number of years just before I would go to sleep an image in black and white translucient would appear.I remembe first being afraid and then over time I learn to embrace it and learn what was coming over from the other side.

From my flashes:

I was coming to a park by a lake and number people I knew where there.For some reason everyone else was dress casual but I had white shirt and tie and dress slacks.My sleeves rolled up.
"Johny didn't think you'd make it Rita was getting pissed."A man yelled from a picnic table.
I could see a blond woman in her mid twenty with her hands on her hips.Mad as hell but I did make her birthday.Most of the people were her relatives.
"I'm sorry about being late but you know being body guard I just can't take off.Had to wait for Mike to show up."
She came forward and was about slap me but kissed me instead."Okay Johny
everything will be alright because I brought the justice of the peace for summer wedding like today.See he's right over there."
"Thats your cousin Frank."
"Yes but thats what he does for a living."
I picked her up and marched towards the lake."Your going in baby clothes and all."
Struggling to get down."Cousin frank bring the bible we'er ready.
"What if I say no?"
"Then don't come back again."
"Your serious aren't you."Then I put her down."You know I love you but this job.I neve know when I'll be home and its dangerous.
"I live with it,besides your going to be father."
"Really why didn't you say so.Okay baby."Then I kissed her.

The image would fade afterwards.For some reason it kept coming back.

I told Marge of the stop sign and flashed I have had.She took me back to that time.The blond was not Mary.I had a job as a thug bodyguard to an Irish mobster just about time ,"after booze legal again.Mike was the man in the car shot up,a friend and co worker.The scene I enter was just after the car and Mike bleeding.I walked up to second story apartment and knock on the door.
"Nancy you in there,hurry up and open the door."She was my sister this time it was Mary.
She opened the door and I walked in with blood over my suit and shirt.
"My god your hurt."She started fussing with me.
" not me.Mike was shot.He's down stairs in my car."
"Bring him up,whats matter with you."She raise her voice.
"He's dead Nancy.I just didn't know where else to go."I crossed the room and sat down at her kitchen table.I told out my 38 and emptied the gun watching the shells bounce."I'm out of good shells."
"Your safe her Johny you know that don't worry but you better get rid of Mike."
"Ya your right,how about some coffee.I'm going over to the couch and relax before leaving again.
Nancy went over the stove started the water.All the while talking and trying to find out what happen.
"Don't ask Nancy ,I know you want to know.But ......I do need to know.It might change what you think of me."
"A man has to do what needs to put food on the table.I'm no saint either Johny boy."
"Ha thats funny but thats what I like about you."
Then there was a knock on the door."Hey open up its your neighbor I need to talk with you."
Johny sat up.
Nancy with cup of coffee in her hand and unlocked the door.Suddenly it was pushed open knocking Nancy to floor with coffee splash to the ground.
Two thugs came in the pistols in hand.Johny got up and ran for kitchen table where his gun was.
Bang!Bang!The guns went off hitting Johny severl times just as her reached his empty gun.He fell knocking the table over and gun flying.
"Johny,"Nancy yelled and ran across the room and turn her brother over on her lap.She held him tight screaming "Johny don't die please please.Johny please.The two gunmen left as suddenly as they came.
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