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Originally Posted by Cushings

Congratulations, Deb and Sean!

Hoping that you are all well, am sharing in the joy of Debís great news regarding Sean, I also have some fantastic news; we celebrated my dadís 89th birthday last Tuesday with a small dinner party, where Charles used a walker to come to the table! Thank you to all who have kept us in your prayers, for awhile it really seemed to be the end of his life here, but apparently, he is not ready yet, frankly I was not either, so happiness is flourishing. He is a feisty old guy and have a feeling that he will be up and kicking some butt soon, as he is not pleased with some of his advisorís decisions that have been made on his be half, anger is a powerful tool, huh? Oh well, whatever works.

Funny, could not find a post here asking for prayers for Charles when he fell and broke his hip and femur in June, ooops (?) hahahahÖ.oh well.


So glad to hear the great news, Di!!!

Love, Deb
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