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England turn of century.
As told by Mary on a session with Marge Cuddeback:

"Go back and now stop.Where are you in time?"
"I'm in England and I'm 18 years old and already married to young man who is a fisher man.A deck hand on a small boat that goes out to sea for weeks at a time."
"Who is this person ,is anyone you know today?"
"Its Steve,always wants to have more then a common man should want.But,I do love him."

Story follows:

"Jacob I don't want you go anymore I feel bad omens,why can't you just work in factory like father and brothers."
"Listen Susan we've been over this a hundred times.I get equal share with other crew.Five times what factory workers get.We will get out of this one room flat and into a grand house."Then he went over to the cookie jar and pull out a fist full of money."Go to my fathers see what you find,nothing not even a cookie."
"But you never home much anymore.What good is money if I can't touch my man at night in our bed."Then she started to cry."I'm tellin ya Jacob do not leave this flat this day .......I feel it I tell you."
Jacob kissed his wife and pushed her away gentlely."We've almost enough for place of our own.I'll return in a months time."Then he lefted.

One month later Susan was outside pulling up clothes to dry in the sun.
"Susan an old man yelled from the street."It was the ships captain.
" do not tell me.Its lie go away ,he's but in bar .....tell he's drunk,'she scream.
"It was a storm......a gale I tell you.We were on our way back with the biggest load.But it made the ship sink in the water deep and waves came the deck time and time again.The ships hole come upon.Jacob ran out as not to lose a single fish.Then he was and then he wasn't."The captain hung his head.
"You didn't look for him,"she cried.
"We had no control the ship wouldn't respond, lucky to come back at all.I'm sorry."Then he handle out small bag of money."His share."Then he turned and left.

On the bluff Susan looked out to sea.The wind blew in her face.No tears would come anymore.She open the money bag and let all the money blow out to sea."From which it came,I go to join my love."Then jumped to her death.
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