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Default Vitamin D and your joints

I have problems with one knee and tried everything.Did not want to have knee cut out by some doctor.I had heard first hand by knee replacement patients.On my last job I saw about 75 people at there houses every week as a salesman for a large company.I would run into these people with new knees.Believe me they wanted to complain to someone.
Anyway about five years ago I was at the stage of knee braces with steel flex rods on either side to get around.I had tried that popular joint mixture.Pain pills weren't my thing.When the big thing about v-D came out I took 1000 units and within a week my knees started feeling a little better.I increased the dosage finally to about 5000 units.Where I get a little stiff I sit in car for hour or more which minor.NO braces and walk around pain free.
D is suppose to boost your immune system like a fountain of youth.I am a believe.Taking to much is harmless.The dosage I say take a 1000units increase until the pain goes away.
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