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Default Some roads are blocked

When I say this next thing I know most people will say oh yes of course.You do not have total free will or excess to any path.To a point if it doesn't interfre with you doing the things that are suppose to happen in your life.Example maybe you wanted to be a doctor or teach.But this thing happen or that preventing you from that path.A certain woman or man in life that matter what you did left.
When a path comes along and the way is free or can be obtain you'll know it.They won't let you stray from this script to learn a certain lesson.Why do more people understand the universial mind concept.Because its not there time to be awake.Go ahead and try,they won't grasp it.When I became awake,I thought why didn't see this before its so simple and explains so much.
Sometimes I feel the weight of it all.I want to tell the world but do not.I have a woman who is like in our belief.We have had many lives together as am writing on the creative section.
It would be so much easier if she were my wife instead of the one I have and her husband is asleep like my wife.The conciousness doesn't want to make it too easy.If it easy it wouldn't be any fun.That is my personal saying to myself.
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