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Default Pray for Zoe - age 9

I kept seeing the angel numbers 555. No mater what I did or where I was going always seeing 555. Big Changes.

I thought it would be about my husbands start-up or our finances.

Never did I think I would be asking for healing prayers for my daughter Zoe.

Zoe is losing her hearing.

After flat out failing all levels of her 4th grade hearing test we got the diagnosis this month in early Jan. 2013.

Zoe has Enlarged Vestibular Aquduct Disorder. So it is a little more that just hearing. Her Vestibular senses may struggle - vertigo, nausea, dizziness, headaches.

We are waiting to rule out Pendred's Syndrome which affects the Thyroid, Heart, and eyes. Usually associated 30% of the time with EVA.

It has been very raw for us but is getting better. Zoe has her speech, she has a great deal of learning behind her.

I was reminded today of a gentleman in a wheel chair who was very disabled on many levels. He had just taken an image of his aura. The line was long and it wrapped around giving me a view of his aura image. It was a beautiful egg shaped white all around him with a purple crown.

It is hard to know what agreements we have made before coming to this earth plane.

In the meantime please pray for Zoe. I want nothing short of a miracle for her hearing and her vestibular health.

She's my sunshine girl.
The happy dancer
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