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Default Marge Cuddeback Psychic and regression hypnotise

I had originally seen her to explore a feeling my friend and I had about Italy.
At that time only word of mouth were you able to reach her.She shunned the attention Silvia Brown wanted.
Sitting in her study a woman in her fiftys as I was at the time pushed back her blond hair and leaned forward as spoke."I will record this session and future ones as well."
Closing my eyes and sitting back totally relaxed.I got to the stage where I was under and in sea of blackness.
"Your going back in time at fast speed and stop when I say stop.Stop."Marge held her breath and then asked," what do you see."

"I am a town center where a fountain is a group of women are filling jugs up with water.One has my attention,she is so beautiful.I wanted to talk to her but was afraid she tell me go to hell.But I did anyway."Hello my name is Fredrico I have a small farm outside town and grow olivers and grapes for wine."
"My name is Gina ,so forward of a man to come up to stranger.What you want I must take this water back to my mother."
"Then you are not married?"
She laughted and her white blouse raise show her ample breast.Her feet were bare and black skirt came almost to her ankles."You want to court me you must ask my father."Then she walked away."He owns the bar across the other side of the fountain.
Yes I thought,I will marry this woman.

"Progress future down road in this relationship."Marge said.

We are married I have a stone and stucco farm house and I was hunting and brought back two large birds.I opened the door and the fire was blazing and our two children were sitting at the kitchen table watching there mother cook.
"Gina the gods have blessed us tonight two birds "and I laid on the table.
She turned around" get them out here ,you want me to clean them as well as cook them."
"No,"I said and move over to her and took around the waist as she had large spoon in her .I gave her a lustfull kiss and on down her neck.
She kissed me back then pushed me away,go on with you Fredrico.You want to teach the birds and bees to kids this early in life."
Our two childen 6 and 8 years old looked on with wide eyes.
"No of course not.You see chidren your father loves your mother.Because only......she is good cook and I must be nice to eat."Then I laughed.
"Get out of here now before I through this pot at you,"then handle the large wooden spoon.
at me.

"Go to another scene in this life."

"It was harvest time and we all went to town.The children play on merry go round and large swing and turn as it was pushed by the venter.
"Fredrico how as the harvest this,"a friend yelled.
"Good enough to buy Gina some new shoes but not the kids,"I laughed.
She pounce me in the shoulder.
"Sometimes people take your joking serious."
"Okay."I said looking over at her."I lied Carlos it was only one shoes the one she kicks me with."
He laughed and move on.
The day was long and it had rained.The gas street light reflected off the cubble stones as we walked in the night back to our cart.
I watched that family walking away.Fredrico had his daugther over his shoulder and Gina had her sons hand.

I was brought back.

"Jesus," I said and my eyes started to water.
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