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Default Prayers for Lauria

If everyone could please pray and send healing energies to my dearest family friend Lauria. Monday morning she's having a bilateral Mastectomy. I'm in Alabama and I will see her tomorrow. My heart is breaking over this, they will know Monday if she will need chemo. I pray she doesn't. I've lost so many to breast cancer. Words can't describe the feelings and what to say. I'm going to be very positive. Lauria was my kindergÓrten teacher and our closest family friend. At times like this I don't even know what to say to her. I've decided I will come back down to Alabama to help her. Truthfully I would gladly switch places to keep her safe and healthy. She has a young son to care for. It's a rough time for sure. Prayers the only thing I ask to guide and help her. Thank you everyone.

Love you all
All My Love,

Robin 🌻🍀🍒
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