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Default The Affair of the Entities

California eleven years ago two people in their early fiftys met in San Francisco.They had written to each other for a year on the internet.But it wasn't just any internet site but a metaphysics and psychic research.
You can argue was it fate or two who just happen to bump into each other.
Myself I have had flashes as I call them since I was seven.Uncontrollable three dimensional scenes from preivous life times.A strong or traumatic happening usally a relationsip that refuses to die.Frightening at first,when your very young.In my twentys they came more often and stronger.I started to read everything I could get my hands on and slowly came to terms with this ablity I didn't want at the time.No control just sit back and watch the show.Entities trying to reach over to physical world in their most powerful way.
Why I should be so lucky as I came to realize not a talent shard by many.
By the time I was in early fifies I was aware of the life between life and being awake.I was hypnotised by a leading psychic of the area.Taken back to past life times.This person kept coming into the many lives explored,the woman I now was writting to.As a wife and sister and mother and lovers .
During these lives I was taken to scenes usually of substance.Much like the area where we are choose our future lives.You get a feel for the life or the outcome of the life.
This person is also in my cluster.On the other side we choose to come back as often as possible together to meet.Which they allow to a point but must pair off with others in other lives and not to met for growth.
On the other side you can imagine any scene or world and it would be at your calling but not being physical you can view but not touch.To love someone on the other side is wonderful thing but most come to this plane to experience the physical side.Can you visualize the sensation of two entities finally comign together after fiftys years of looking.
I would tell people I'm looking for something but I don't know what it is but I'll know it when I find it.The deep subconsicous thought I placed in my entity on the other side before being born.Like wise for her.
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