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Default Good News Today!

I met Sean at his Orthopedic Surgeons today for his appointment. Dr. Nana said his heel is healing well as he scraped the scab off to expose the whole area of the wound. He said that would help it to heal more quickly with the wound care. The Dr. ordered a new CAT Scan to be scheduled and Sean is to return in four weeks. At that point, he will determine if Sean can do weight bearing on his foot. If so, then therapy will begin to help Sean walk again with a walker/crutches. Then it will only be a matter of time before Sean can come home.

At that time, then we can begin procedures with DARS to help him receive a prosthetic.

According to his Orthopedic Surgeon, that is the way we need to go. So, we are following his advice.

Thanking you all again for assisting us with your prayers and intentions. We are so very grateful.

Love, Deb
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