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Just to add to the great article... (Thank you NYS)

Lypospheric vitamin C does not cause gastric distress and goes straight to the liver. You can chug it straight or mix it with juice. As a preventative Dr Levy (it's creator) recommends 5 to 6 grams daily (throughout the day).

Make certain your D contains D3.

Magnesium - important for all body functions - also helps ward off flu and colds.

Hydrate! Hugely important. H2O all day long. Not coffee, tea or juice - water.

Alkalize - bacteria and viruses have a hard time taking hold in an alkalized body. Your pH should be around 7.6 - test frequently - and if your pH drops try lemon water, apple cider vinegar in warm water, vegetable soup, or even baking soda (sodium bicarb - but it should be aluminum free) in water to overcome the acidity.

Chicken soup is a great miracle drug!

Decompress - if you stress your body is weaker and does not fight off much of anything. Even minute meditations help. Find a way to loose the stress.

Exercise - bundle up and go for a brisk walk. Walking for 20 minutes - 20 to 30 minutes after a meal increases your metabolism.

Sleep - listen to your body not your schedule. If sleep is needed give in to it! Your body knows that it takes the time of sleep to heal. (check out last week's IE Radio on sleep - )

Let's stay healthy
Brit Elders
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