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The problem with trying to create Big Foot/Human hybrids was that they only lived a few years and had low intelligence. The hybrids never learned to speak. This information came from native American accounts of women who had been impregnated by Big Foot through the millenia. Their babies only lived a few years and they never learned to speak. Having read Zecheria Sitchin's books, I believed his hypothesis that humans were genetically engineered by the Annunaki. I knew that if the Annunaki created us, there must be a way of creating a Human/Big Foot hybrid that is intelligent and has a long life span. I found my answer in a book my brother lent my by Kyron, a channeled entity. He talked about our junk DNA and that it was given to us by the Pleiadians. I thought that by getting some more Pleiadian DNA, I might be able to use it to make a better hybrid - one that lived longer and was more intelligent.

The military had some skeletons of a race of giants that had been found in the Gobi Desert. They had been found in the '80's by different archeologists. The US military got those skeletons by making a deal with the Chinese government. In order for Apple Computer to build its factories in China, one stipulation was that China had to give the US some of the giant skeletons they had unearthed. Military scientists had studied them, but could find no use for them and put them in storage.

I think that they knew that the skeletons were of ET origin but after thousands of years being buried in the desert, they contained no viable DNA. They were put in storage. I had a skeleton brought to the underground base in Dulce.

I had an idea which was a long shot. The military had a device using cold fusion that simulated the Hadron Collider and that could produce the "God particle". This is a phase/shift particle or field where light becomes dense enough to take on mass and weight. Through my study of metaphysics, i realized that through the power of intention that the God particle could be used to revive some of the DNA found in the bone marrow of the giant skeletons. I knew that if you could access the fifth dimension, you can free yourself from the laws of the third, which are time and space dynamics. This frees you to be able to manifest your intentions directly into the fabric of what you want to manifest. I thought by using the power of the remaining remote viewers, who hadn't died, I would intend the God particle to bring the Giant's DNA back to life.
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