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A strange title to be found under a topic board called "Spirituality". Perhaps, at first glance, it is. Like many, my immediate 3D thought thinks of estate planning LOL. But the word got me to wondering beyond 3D, beyond my physical expression here as Peg.

I find myself pondering on my belief of parallel lives expressing simultaneously within the continuum of "No Time" (as opposed to how we segment it here on Earth), and expanding that concept to "Circular Time" (which can translate here to us as our understanding of "reincarnation").

I read once a long time ago that "we are the sum total of all we have ever been"! In this respect, I can't help but wonder what have I "inherited" from myself, from the many "me's" that are right now expressing in different lifetimes?

Even in this there are different levels to consider. In the physical sense, I've "inherited" the genes and traits of my current physical family members and ancestors. And in stretching this thought further, what talents, what strengths, what weaknesses have been passed to me through my genes over time? Even more, what history has unfolded through my bloodlines…family history, career history, medical history, even world history?

Taking it up a notch, what have I inherited spiritually from myself and all of my lifepath experiences throughout the ages? What has my Soul, my Divinity, passed on to me in this present expression as Peg that has prepared me for my experiences today?

How do I even begin to identify such an inheritance? Especially for those of us who, for whatever reason, have not had an "official past life reading" done? Of course, one way is to pay attention to our dreams where clues may be found in the background, such as clothes, geographical scenery, etc. For me, another avenue that has occurred to me is that of "preferences".

For instance, food preferences. Why do some of us like certain foods and not others? I happen to love Lima Beans, especially Fordhook Limas. With a little research, I discovered that Lima Beans are native to Central America from a culture that is at least 7,000 years old! Is it possible that one of my parallel lives is right now living somewhere in Central America 7,000 years ago as we "count time"? This gives me one place to start; to make a suggestion to my sub-conscious to activate any cellular memories I may have of living in Central America 7,000 years ago, either in meditation or dream-time.

We have heard it said "we are all Old Souls" and that implies to me…"experience". Even at the ripe young age of 62 (wink), that is too young to be worthy of being called an "Old Soul". So where else would this "experience" come from except from other lifetimes?

Multiple lives in many cultures "throughout time" have shaped our preferences of today. Are we Vegen or meat eaters, and what cultures do these practices come from? Do we feel more comfortable following a particular religion, or none at all? Do we gravitate more toward traditional medicine, or alternative? Are we more at ease in a "straight" relationship, or a "gay" relationship?

These questions and more can help us fill in the blanks of discovering Who We Are, finding the Divine inside us, the inner peace. Our Spiritual Inheritance is recognizing what we embrace, what resonates with us and discarding the rest. It speaks to the integrity of our individual Soul, what is right for us, without judgment of right or wrong within ourselves or others. Those "other lifetime experiences" can help us understand why we may be joyous or angry, peaceful or violent, allowing or controlling, tolerant or intolerant.

It helps us to see "God" in all, not only experiencing the differences, but honoring them as well, allowing the energy of Love to truly be unconditional. Isn't that what the great Masters like Jesus were showing us? meld so completely with the Higher God-Self within that it is never shut off, thus balancing the Divine with the 3D?

Discovering my Inheritance from myself helps me to realize that all those preferences from different lifetimes have prepared the energy for the lifepath I walk today. It gives me a better understanding of what experiences I've drawn to me for lessons and growth. Some of those preferences need tweaking to bring about a better me, and I have the choice to learn and grow from the wisdom I've discovered from my Inheritance, or not.

As the saying goes…."we truly are our own ancestors" !

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