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Great news!!!!!

Ruth's brother has made a great turnaround. They done tests and he did not have stroke like they thought. It was epilepsy. Which isn't better but he is alive and up talking and walking around. She is so happy right now. It was touch and go but thank goodness he is up and doing better. Might get released to go home next week. I will be glad when she gets back. Dad went to doctor and he has bronchitis but nothing worse. With him being a diabetic they said it takes him a bit longer on getting better. His eye surgery will be done January 23 so I hope that goes great. So those two are great news and I am very happy. Now I'm waiting on news about Lauria. I hope they can get all the cancer and keep her alive. She has a young son and it would be so hard on him. On everyone really. Thank you everyone who has been praying, sending healing energy!!! It is working!! Thank you. You are all amazing people. <3 much much love to everyone
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