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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant sensed something in the air
So she turned to find someone there
Someone she hadn't seen in a while
Someone she most respected and adored.

The energy then came to surround her in an embrace
Just like she had felt the first time it was presented
And she stood there and held this essence near
As the energy continued to grow and flow forward...

Taking her along with it....

She realized, again, that all is connected, all is connected.
As she was drawn forward with this loving energy
She embraced all in her life with a feeling of continuity
A knowing of singularship extended through many.

And all of a sudden, she heard her heart beat along
With billions of others in an orchestra of tones melding
Her ears perked as she cupped the tones that she was receiving
And she embraced the vibrations that were being emitted.

It was as if the Whole World came into unison at that moment
That one singular moment when all was in perfect harmony
And it held her as if she were floating above the ground
It was then that she knew the perfection of that connection

And she knew that all would be well....

Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
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