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Default thank you & an update ~

This post is EXACTLY what I need today - thank you for the awakening meditative prayer, Renny. One of my biggest challenges in life is to learn patience - like you, I want it NOW, darn it! I was getting sooo impatient that my healing wasn't progressing faster ... since falling a week ago, I've improved so little (it seemed to me). Doctor said "hmmmm ... you're right. Let's get some x-rays..." Showed that I have 3 cracked ribs so now I now at least what I'm in for!

Still don't like to rely on anyone for help - some lessons take longer to learn, right?

Love & Blessings to you all, Renny, Joanne, Di, Brit, Wolfie, etc --- you're in my prayers; we ARE all in this together and 2013 WILL be a great year!!

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