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i'm home with the flu but i just wanted to add
that my favorite scene with Maggie Smith was
when she mistook Lord Grantham for the help
(asking him if she might have a drink)
because he was in a short dinner jacket for
the first time. His reaction was so subtly priceless.
And my favorite scene with Shirley was when
she was finishing up her dinner at the dinner
table annoying the lot with her progressive
ideas and contrariness. She was great and
so was everyone else at the table as a
comic ensemble.
Also loved that line in the church:
Maggie (something to the effect of)
"how nice it is to see the future unfolding"
and Shirley (something to the effect of)
"yes as long as you remember it will in no
way resemble the past."
One of many striking truisms uttered during
this first episode of the third season.
Back to bed. Soft Grin...
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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