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Hi again Di,Brit,Lura and Joanne. Yes indeed luvs ,for me,I often believe one of the reasons we're here on this beloved planet is to learn how to love and care/help one another but equally as important ,how to love and nurture/care for ourselves in body mind and spirit.(Ha..I think my biggest trip oft times dear Lura,is tripping over my ego!!) We are,each one of us, worth it! Learning how to be patient,slow down to the speed of life,be more mindful,grateful all takes time and loving effort.Please God make me patient and make it snappy!
So when those tough times surround you,surround yourself with the caring energy you need ,whether it's from friends,family,Mother Nature's beauty,pleasant forms of exercise,meditations,a good book , cooking or hobbies! Take the first step and seek those healthy things and people that can help you withstand the stresses better. Even the hairdresser makes a good therapist sometimes! Friendships are our own best medicine oft times!
Be well dear Di and Lura. deep cleansing breaths on the side there to help reframe your perspectives. Thinking of you all with great respect, Renny
Here's a little meditative prayer I say upon wakening or when I'm in a not-so hotsy-totsy situation accompanied with slow ,relaxed ,deep breaths! It helps to slow my "inner annoying conversations' or 'monkey chatter' down.

May our hearts and minds remain open
May we be at peace
May we re-awaken to the light of our one true Nature
May we be healed and may we help others to be healed
May this be so with the best of our intentions
When asked what he thought about Western Civilization Gandhi replied ," That would be nice!"
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