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Over 20 years ago in a private channeled session with Lord Maitreya he told me that I am a ‘Divine Love Warrior’ (at this point, many of us are).

Maitreya immediately addressed the issue of my father’s death, of which the ‘channel’ had absolutely no knowledge. Under very complex circumstances, my biological father had dropped his physical body three months earlier – but – he did not cross over. My father chose to stay at my side, to protect me, for three more months. As my biological parents separated when I was an infant, at the age of 29 it was the most time we’d ever spent together. What a gift from Spirit – his presence was so tangible. There was no mourning a loss of connection, only a shared mourning over the challenging circumstances which had beset us & impacted our relationship. However, we both knew he could not stay indefinitely.

Question is, how did the channel ie. Maitreya, know this?? ; ) With great love, Maitreya officiated my father’s Crossing into the Ascended Realms. For Ascend, he did. Maitreya also spoke to me of my path, of Drunvalo, of what lay ahead. Maitreya also requested I return for another session a few days later...

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