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Yeah, I guess, but telling a bit about what the mp3 was about could have possibly pre-judged the situation. Anyway, what's past is past.

Questions for The One People’s Public Trust (TOPPT) may be submitted to

There are going to be more interviews/discussions/conversations with The One People's Public Trust trustees posted on the blog-sites mentioned in the OP link. So if you have questions, ask them, and I'm sure the maximum amount will be answered with each new interview of Heather. I would imagine that the actual number of different "unique" questions will be a lot less than the number of actual questions. ;-)

For those who want to view the TOPPT documents, see

Here are some quotes from posts at 2012Scenario Yahoo Group at (although the name of the group is changing soon because blog site has changed to and the Yahoo Group is the associated discussion group for the blog site).

Quote 1:

"But here's the deal folks. This is one of THE BIGGEST things to ever happen to
humanity. Why is it not viral? This ties in and puts into context many things,
such as the banker resignations, and various rumors about just how corrupt the
whole money system is.

Are people so skeptical that they can't see the evidence in front of their eyes?
Or is the paradigm of scarcity and control such a powerful thing that it
continues to grip people and maintain the illusion?

I'm not sure, but I'm requesting that this get more attention. Either take my
thread and run with it (don't care about stars and flags, this isn't about me),
but get this info out! has a lot to say about it. What really got me was
the 2+ hour recording of a conversation between Heather and the folks at AK and
other blogs. That video of the audio recording is here

Now if you need a clif notes of 2+ hours, let me give it to you because I did
listen to all of it. Mostly with my jaw dropped.

Heather has worked for 10 years+ in law, specifically banking law (I'm
simplifying greatly here). In her investigations she found incredibly massive
fraud to be the name of the game. She cites in one example a Franny/Freddy
property that she physically went out and investigated after she went through
the paperwork. The amount of money the loan was wrapped with compared with the
actual evaluation of the property was 1/10th value. In other words it was a
total lie. She followed the paper trail of her own foreclosure and proved that
the corruption was so deep that no foreclosure was lawful.

What this boiled down to was a full-on investigation with all the ultra-Elite,
like the Bushes, Rothchilds, and even the "Old Man" of China. She and her group
of investigators found that the BIS and other alphabet-soup organizations were
all in on it. They were able to FORECLOSE on these, in total silence,
successfully. The amount of money due is in the Quadrillions.

She cites in the interview/conversation I attached that everything has already
been done, and as of December 25th the actual paperwork has been posted, for all
to see. Official, out in the open. I must say, what a Christmas present. She
states that if you require proof of all the things that were done clandestine,
you only need to look back and see the timing of the mass exodus of certain
banking officials, government officials, etc. The timing of each of those round
of changes coincides directly with each judicial decision and subsequent

What remains as shown on the news is a shell of a system that is literally a
weak illusion, and only sustained because the tiny bit of remaining cabal in
control is still trying to pull the strings. But the control structures that
once allowed them absolute control have long been destroyed and rebuilt. All
that remains is a tug of the curtain.

She states that this pull of the curtain is happening, right now. For instance,
if you were to be arrested right now for, say, something that harmed no one
(therefore under Common Law was not illegal), you could cite the cases and
follow specifically the direction Heather outlines and walk. Because the issue
is non-rebuttable. Now I do not claim to know a hoot about any of that, but she
was firm that, right now, the laws are in place. Only a shell of what people
believe exists is what is left.

She also cites that this all must go along with the shift back to Common Law,
and many other changes which will cascade down from there, like releases of

edit: Here's an editorial on the whole thing

The important thing is to get this information out. Get it to everyone. Do the
independent research on the correlations of resignations relative to the
information here, and prove it. Something ATS is great at.

Thank you all!"

Quote 2:
"Great observation, the people are slowly coming around to the understanding of all this. You are right it should have gone viral, but it's so shocking and unbelievable they really don't know what to do or how to do it. This is by far the biggest thing to happen to humanity sense 1933 when Roosevelt sold us out to the cabal. But my friend it is done and there is no turning back!

Like winning the lottery but not understanding what the lottery is how it works how or even where to get the unbelievable amount of money they say you've won! I use the scenario because I don't gamble and would be in that position if someone gave me a winning ticket or I bought one.

I do understand UCC and that the illegal system has been caught by their own laws the created under UCC to protect themselves. Talk about hunter being captured by the game, this is the perfect example.

I like the way you explained to in layman terms too. But whats done is done and it is undisputed law. It's just a matter of time and trying to decide how we will move forward. At this point we are waiting for the audit to be completed and get the full damage report.

The maximum they can do is what I have experienced: do nothing and hope it just goes away, while trying to react with business as usual. In essence they (TOPT) trustee's are the trustee's of the world value and we are the beneficiaries. How it all plays out is really up to we the people, and the reason it should have and must go viral.

The people will also need to learn how to file UCC documents because (TOPT) also took over that private company too, and want we the people to use the method to contract business between any to CVAC's Creator Value Asset Centers, that is what we are referred to as under the new (TOPT). So it looks like we will be coming together as ONE to co-create the out come of this ingenious move Heather made."
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