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Default StevenOz,

If this is true....

This would be second only to proof of ET's or God.

According to the MP3s, the shadow government has already fallen, we are all free, we just don't know it yet....

Wow! Steven, I have seen a lot of things on the internet that just are not true. I hope this is not another of them. But if this IS true, how do we get the ball rolling so that people can take advantage of the situation? Your posting this here goes a long way to helping the cause, but why didn't you give a hint what it was about? Most people aren't going to sit thru 2 and a half hours of audio without knowing what they are listening to....

This is BIG. Our government, all world governments, are illegal and improper. It's up to us to take our power back. Well, let's do it. Count me in. That's why I am writing this response. People NEED TO KNOW what your good news is!

Anyway, thanks for posting this. Keep us informed of any updates. Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

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