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Another quote from the same list:

"there is no linear rise of consciousness. consciousness grows exponentially.
one buddha can inflame hundred thousands of lights.

we think we can t move mountains? oh man are we limited in our
imagination ! in reality we are magnificant Beings capable of much
more than that. we just believe in poor-me.

healthy change evolves from inside out. peoples perception to the
potentials need to open first, the yearning needs to be fired so that
they start calling for the desired state and drawing it into reality.

i ve too often seen things i ve deeply imagined come into reality,
things i didn t have any direct influence on, but perceived myself as
being part of a group creation with like minded souls playing on the
same issue.

for example,one day in 1987 i wondered why berlin had garbage
disposal separated for paper, plastic and glas, but not for
biological waste. i spent some energy on imagining public use for
humus generated from composting the citizens bio-waste, and let the
issue go again. half a year later i saw a sign in a park of the city
stating that the soil for these plants was composted from the
citizens bio-waste. not long after it got standard to provide
bio-garbage facilities to germanies households.

this has been a group creation. i had picked up on the idea floating
around in the collective mental, have made it my own for some time,
added my thoughts, feelings, consciousness and love to it and sent it
on out, back into the collective mental. many people pick up on such
co-creations and add their bit. some are picking up and moving it
into manifestation.

same with the sleeper bus in india. once or twice a year i used to go
to goa for a holiday. the poona-goa bus took 12-15 hours at night,
on a mostly really bad road. if i managed to get two tickets,
sitting was a bit, just a little bit more comfortable for that
time. one journey i spent the whole night phantazising about a
sleeper bus. where you could lie down and stretch out. how to
design it so it could work and be a good business.
a year later i bought my first ticket for a sleeper bus. ahhh
gorgeous... i spent the night thanking all those who had co-created
that bus, and the guys who finally brought it down to earth and run
a good business now.

it s the little things we think and talk and do, every day. and
sometimes it s the bigger things, our vision for gaia and her people
and the life we want to live together, all and one. each one of us
adds to the creation. each one counts. our energy in the
co-creation of nova gaia expands or weakens the field. the more this
field of higher consciousness expands, the more people get affected
and start waking up.

when i returned to the west in 2001, i seemed to be an alien to most
people, my way of life and looking at things was just not part of
their reality. the change has been dramatic ever since, esp. within
the last 2 years. no more alienated views. instead there are
questions, shares, small comments, in little talks with neighbours,
the baker, the postman, the cashier, every day, that show that people
are awakening. all over the place.

consciousness grows exponentially. there is hope that it doesn t
take another thousand years for our creation. there is great hope
for much faster movements when the ones frustrated from not being
instantly delievered find their inner switch. move from the mental
squirrels of belief and doubt to the knowing trusting
heart. dis-illusionment hurts. a healed wound can become the
greatest strength.

in the meantime i m going to co-create some amazing people showing up
in politics, institutions, corporations, media and everywhere^^. i
imagine lightplayers take leading roles and model behaviour. i pour
my energy into people following their hearts passion and remembering
what they came for.

and i m sooo sure that each one of us counts. some amazing changes
are on the way. the thing is, mostly for things to get the momentum
for change they need to become worst first. usually peoples minds
and consciousness are still too sluggish to learn before the
suffering gets unbearable.

so hold on, Be the light that you Are, Be infectious for your
surrounding and love the people into awakening...

:-) - devapriya"
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