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Default Dhea And Aging

I have been taking dhea supplments for a couple years now and feel that my body has a younger appearance.My eneryg is higher and have sex with my girl friend who takes it as well.But my wife doesn't,I try to get her to take the vitamins I do but doesn't want to and complains how old she's feels.Since no one knows me I can be honest.The desire for sex at any age with a partner of similar age gets difficult as you age .Usually one partner doesn't want it anymore or can't proform.If your a man in your 60s like me you desire sex you need vigra.Women often dry down there as you age,need some lube.The walls are thin as well.But a passionate woman having sex in her 60s and above is wonderful thing.As well as for the man.Its the highth of I love you.
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