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Smile Amazing Things About Consciousness!

Quoted from a post on the 2012Scenario Yahoo Group:

"Here is a recent example of someone's words coming back to bite them, or boomerang.A friend was joking with her b/friend. The B/friend was complaining he didn't want to go toclass that day. The g/friend made a joke, that they should just shoot each other, in the foot,and then, "he" wouldn't have to go to class! The next day, the g/friend cut her foot, and needed stitches (and crutches)The day after that, the b/friend became very illl, and required bed rest and nearly a week of down time. I have repeatedly tried to warn the girl friend, of being careful of what we speak.She denied any possibility of her above words, having anything to do with the foot injury, or subsequentillness her b/friend suffered. Something I have noticed though, is that this person is being more careful of saying things like the above. Whether this is intentional or not, I do not know. But I find it interesting!This was what I consider: Exhibit 1.
Exhibit 2.Another friend told me, he was afraid if the 2012 info wasn't true, "I would crash."Hours later, he described an accident he had.He was standing on a stool to reach a high cupboard, and the stool came "crashing down!"And I said (after asking if he was okay- thankfully he was!) and trying not to smile, do you notice a certain syncrinocity, in the phrase: crashing? This is what I continue to tell my friends:Speak of what you want.
Think carefully and make sure, what you speak of, IS what you really desire.
Use your Words where you want your abundance to be. WAnt plenty? Speak of plenty. Be grateful for the plenty. Want more of the past? Keep re living the bad parts and that may end up with what you get more of.Its not "put your money where your mouth is". The new word is: Use your words to Paint the world you want. Just imagine how MUCH abundance and prosperity we can create for ourselvesjust by speaking of those things, we really do "want!". And being grateful for ALL of the thingswe get that we really like.....even the small things. It works both ways. ThIS people, is what "they" never wanted us to KNOW. How much power we really DO have! This is why there were so many attempts to dumb down the population. I'm soo happy that didn't work! It doesn't cost a dime to choose YOUR words. True enough, sometimes the tongue/brain has to be retrained, or re formatted. But the reality IS, in my opinion.... this is exactly where our power lies. Will we really care, if the money, the job, the answers, the solutions come from globalactions, new programs..... or from some other source? Food for thought.

Blessings, Lizzie"
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