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Red face The Leviathans of Life

I don't know how many of you enjoy rollercoaster rides out there but I for one,unfortunately don't have much luck ,balance and eye coordination-wise with such transportation devices for entertainment!(or the hills of San Francisco or coastlines south of Christchurch N.Z. for that matter!) There is a theme park near Toronto called Canada's Wonderland which has an aptly named rollercoaster called Leviathan.It stands 308 ' at it's highest point and the speeds it can reach on descending portions could practically make you qualify for NASA's training center in G force tolerance!
Leviathan in Hebrew, simply means whale, the intelligent graceful creature of our beautiful oceans for which I have intense respect .His/her seasonal journeys cover many thousands of miles both close to the surface and then moving to great depths which we humans require great protection in underwater technology for in sustaining our lives. The Leviathan of biblical references was a sea monster,an enormous threat to the lives of fishers of those biblical seas. Of course ,Leviathan is also a fabulous analogy for the stresses and challenges of life that seem oft times,insurmountable or at the very least,take us for one seemingly out of control rollercoaster ride!
Well,I can honestly tell you after the past few months of dealing with life threatening family emergencies,I have learned how to become a whalerider like the beautiful young Mauri girl in the excellent film of the same name. That's Life's challenge isn't it? You can't always control the challenges,stresses,the 'Leviathans' that come zinging your way CAN control how you tackle them (no pun intended,but that's a hell of a tackle for this fish!) and it definitely is not an easy ride!
For about 5 years I taught stress reduction and relaxation therapy part time.I'd heard many an incredible story of seemingly hopeless challenges,shared in the tears,gave and accepted soul crushing hugs, and tried to assist clients in learning how to empower themselves,find that quiet place within that helps recharge the batteries,find some balance in body,mind and spirit with the practising of various exercises and meditations, and open the mind and heart to once unthought of possibilities for problem solving. That is the journey of the whalerider,that is the journey I finally had to return to once again myself..'walk the talk' as they say.It had been quite a few years thankfully for me but oh how quickly we forget! It's not an easy ride.Patience with one's self ,being a good listener to one's 'Self' is key.Silent and Listen are one of my fave anagrams these days. Those words have never let me down. And the biggest assistance of all? Community! Through the wonderful soundingboard ears of family,friends,great websites like Shirley's,especially the Encounter Board members,learning how to take the wild ride again is far easier. hope for you all this coming New Year,is that you become the 'Whaleriders' for the Leviathan challenges which may lie ahead,personally,professionally,globally ..they will always be there but it IS possible to ride them out in the majority of cases .Don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't know quite how.That is step #2.#1 is realizing that you might just NEED help! With the right tools to work with and patience ,we can take that Leviathan for a ride and then some! Wahoo! Buckle up comes 2013! hugs,Renny
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