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Default Thanks Cher O and thanks Shirley

I want to personally thank Shirley for being open about herbeliefs. Many years ago (I am 45) when I was in my teens I wasn’t payingattention to what was on T.V. but there was some talk show with Shirley on it and she talked about reincarnation. Iwas raised Catholic so when I head that I thought “this lady is off her rocker”.Little did I know she planted the seed and awakened something in me which leadme on a search on religion and what I believed to be true in my heart?

I have to commend her because there are not many I can sharemy beliefs with today and there she was on T.V. sharing with the world. I haveread many books and done a lot of research but will always be thankful for her strengthand courage to be true to herself and to do so publicly.

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