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Default Hey Deb.

You are about to enter the new year there, being two hours ahead of me. So here's to the New Yera! I know it will be good to you. You made so very much of last year, even tho it was a rough and bumpy year. May you find only peace and joy in this new era.

Hey Peg. Congratulations on being retired. Now your life is your own at last to do with just as you please. I know your move to Texas will be a blessing for you and for Deb and Sean and for all the friends you will make there. You go, girl!

Sean, you have shown extraordinary courage and patience and intelligence. I hope this new time brings you only good things, music, love and peace.

I am keeping all three of you in my prayers and am sending love and light to you tonight and all year thru. Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

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