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Hey Wolfdog and everybody else reading. I'm feeling so lighthearted and contentedly happy on this eve of a new year. I feel so blessed and so grateful to be here in this now, experiencing. I bless my world and it is blessing me in return. So simple and yet so poignant.

Just for an example at work: My employer commended me today on my Collections of outstanding invoices. I told her it was easy. She said, "Well, it has never been before."

Now, my method. On every statement I send out, I write a personal note stating our gratitude for them paying this in a timely manner and that we appreciate their business. And then I surround that envelope with love and send it on. And, I have been amazed at how our clients have stepped up to get their accounts up-to-date. It has been totally amazing. So, yes, what energy we send out comes back to us.

Sean is doing just great! Yes, he is thriving! He has grasped that his attitude rules his life!!! He has grasped that what energy he puts out comes back to him. He has grasped that he is the manifestor in his life and boy is he ever manifesting. It is amazing!!! And I, Momma Bear, enjoy so much playing with her cub in the folds of life. We have so very much fun and we laugh everyday.

Tomorrow, I am baking Talapia on a bed of spinach, blackeyed peas with ham and crescent rolls dressed with garlic cream cheese and parsley. We in Texas, have to have Blackeyed Peas for good luck on New Year's Day. Does anybody else do that? Anyway, I am just delighted to be having New Year's Day Dinner with my son and we both march into 2013. So much do we have to look forward to, to experience together.

I asked Sean his New Year Resolution and he said in certain particular words, to make his way home. So, I've got "home" ready for him to come to, now it is just a matter of time. His right leg is healing from the surgery and his left waiting for the prothsesis.

And now, to wish you all a very Happy New Year as you continue to lend your energies to Me, Sean and Peg. Oh yeah, Peg retired today!!! Yep, she is free and moving to Texas soon. Isn't that wonderful???? Yes, it is wonderful for the all of us. My dearest of friends is joining me and Sean in Texas. We are going to find her an apartment very near to us.

So, all is well.

Love, Deb
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