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Wink North of 40

Most of us up here had headaches. A lot of dizziness
Can't sleep. HahahHj and a head full of visions etc etc

Myself it was mind boggling
I suppose some earth spirits were lifting and some were staying
To carry on with the help
My visioning never stopped even with self induced headache
From some chAmpagne I had had at envsgement party of
My daughters friend

So those dYs are over also. Alcohol had no place in my
Spirit world. Darn it! Hahahh
Letting go of All vices has been easier than I thought
I am working at dry camp so that is that

Anyone else had some extra ordinary signs or aymptoms?
We spoke about this many years ago remember?

And if I see any more orbs or my orange passed away cat
I am going to have to get blinders on! Habahh

As for the sleeping. 5;00 am is it these dAys.
I get up. Go outside. Look east and wAit

Having a full meditation tonite and a saging of house to
Bring in new and out with the old

Love to you all
As I know u all so well

Kris xo
dragon spirit
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