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Talking New Year Meditation

This evening Dr. Georgina Cannon led a beautiful meditation in our member's chat and we would like to share it with all who read these boards.

"A self hypnosis script for you to record and listen to, at least once a day for 21 days
Do what you need to do to relax completely. Turn off the phone. Close the door on pets, children, or any other potential interrupters. And allow yourself the following moments of peace – no one wanting anything from you; no one needing anything from you. This time is for you.
Just relax, take a deep breath and close your eyes, and follow your breathing. Notice the coolness of the in-breath and the warmth of the out-breath, and allow yourself to drift and float, easily ... just following your breath ... relaxing ... down ...
Slowly you become aware that you are not merely drifting aimlessly, you are moving toward a goal – the goal is yourself as you wish to be. Imagine yourself strong, confident and relaxed, easily drawing abundance into your life and feeling good about yourself. All mental capabilities are growing sharper, clearer, and more effective with each passing day. Your body is in excellent physical condition, looking good, feeling good, vital and energized. You are in command of your body and your mind. You are drawing into your life an ever-growing abundance of peace, prosperity, health, love and joy. You are spiritually aware and growing. You are able to do all those things that are important to you and do them well. Joyous in every area of your life.
You become aware of all the wonderful things that you now have available in your life, your own special blessings. Be aware of the abundance you now have, steadily growing with each breath you take. Be aware of people in your life who love you and those you love. steadily growing with each breath you take. Be aware of people in your life who love you and those you love.
With your new awareness, you make time for success and joy in every area of your life, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. This word “success” refers to the goals you have set and empower yourself with in every area of your life. Success is emotional balance, joyous, fulfilling relationships, physical health and fitness, spiritual growth, and an ever deeper consciousness of your oneness with the universe and the forces of the universe.
You are now committing to create the life you want to lead, to be the person you want to become. See yourself, feel yourself there. Imagine yourself watching a very special movie. Your movie starts now and ends with you having accomplished all the goals, spiritual, mental, and physical goals you set for yourself. Watch the movie of your new self become the new you. When you have seen your special movie through to the end, see it running again and again, each time brighter, more colorful, more detailed.
And bring that picture back with you as you slowly return to the here and now. Each time, bringing the energy of that movie back stronger and more intensely into your body mind and spirit – so that it becomes who you are today, on this planet, at this time.
Counting back now to this time and place, feeling yourself become aware ...
10 – 9 – 8 – 7– 6 … feeling your body come awake now ... 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 and 1. Wide awake. Clear, relaxed, and purposeful about your future."

Happy 2013!
Brit Elders
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