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A lot of people have been saying really dumb stuff about "the ending", so annoying. You know there are a lot of people out there that find reading an imposssible chore. Nuts raving "were still here", jeesh, get some of those cells moving people. Get into a book store once in a while.... Well, I do have a relative who reads Erich Von Daniken, personally, I find his books boring. So this relative says at the xmas party, "were still here, ha". I said to him its not about a physical ending, its a spiritual thing and he just looks at me blank.... Good reason not to read Daniken. So many just dont get the spiritual thing, pity... Anyway, I look forward to less war, less violence etc. Btw, I know there seems to be a spike in heinous violence lately, really heinous, must top them all that really sickening act. Is it not the worst we have ever seen, I mean globally? How many places do we see THAT kind of heinous...? I cant even mention it, but you know what I mean eh? Well, look at the outcome..... this is Gods work, the outcome. In Paramahanda Yogananda books, he says, some of us are here to have a life, and some of us are to provide experiences.... even horrrendous ones. That is what changes humanity, and that is why God lets evil happens. He is the creator of all, good and bad.
For behold the kingdom of heaven is within you. Luke 17:21
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