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Originally Posted by jordan
Dear Chi,
Shall we travel this new Era in joy and understanding. Skipping and remembering who we really are.

Amen to that!
i flew to NY on 12/21/12 (on winter solstice day).
Landing was uneventful but the take off was spectacular.
Gray cotton-like clouds with rainbows sprouting out of
each one; about 10 or 12 little rainbows. i kid you not.
i wish i had brought my camera. i even forgot my cell
phone on the kitchen table. Oye! i think the rainbows
were because there was so much moisture in the air.
But i'd never seen such a phenomenon before (so many
little rainbows at once)- so i will also chalk it up to it
being the last day of the 26,000 year cycle and the first
day of the new one (depending on where you were at in
the universe) i felt it and i loved it.
Skip to m' lou, m' darlin'. Ha!
Skippin' with you. Love...
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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