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Default For Jordie,

Hi Jordie !

Just found this post but, don't feel guilty as I always do everything backwards anyway! I like that you swim with ducks and have a big Sheep person as a LifeGuard ! You would ! After all the wrapping,writing, decorating,calling and firebuilding...I am now ready for a Holiday ! Has been a joyous time here and sounds like your Christmas was sufficiently Merry. Good. Must be strange to see Santa with sweat rings on his suit.

All kidding aside...Have a very Merry Christmas next year! And...despite it all...Have a really terrific, healthy,abundant and Happy New Year!


PS But watch out, I am coming over to steal your white cat. I love your white cat...the twin to one of my long gone fur babies! (Well...almost twin...mine had one blue eye and one amber eye and no tail).
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