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Default 12-22-12 A New Beginning

A New Beginning, Dec 22, 2012

Here is Pepper/Gaia's 3rd message for the Winter Solstice...

The winter solstice has risen and the day is new. The physical sun has returned to reunite us with the spiritual sun within and to remind us that we are the light of the world. The sun is beginning to move away from its maximum declination and can be seen as it continues along its journey. And now it is time for us to do the same.

The spiritual sun symbolizes a time of optimism and the creative process that underpins everything; it is the reason we exist. As the light is reborn within us our past experiences and even our most recent understandings may feel constrained or obsolete. Let it be so. It is time to forge a new bond with our selves and our world.

The light of the world emerges every year and in every age in which the midnight sun and the children of the sun return to their source. Sometimes the new dawn is also symbolized by chaos, an aspect of creation that establishes order, harmony, beauty and intelligence. In the age that just concluded the spiritual sun and its seed were beneath the ground, hidden and sheltered. At the spring equinox in March, the union of physical and spiritual light will join again and emerge as the light of the world.

Please enjoy the words that Gaia and I have shared with you on this video entitled, The Light of the World. Share it with friends and family, those you care for, respect, honor and love. ~Pepper
Blessed Be,
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