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Smile Another communication from Melchior

Melchior communicated with me again yesterday. He said he is looking forward to being with Figgy again. "Figgy?" I said. "Noir was Figgy," he said.

I guess that makes sense. I think animal souls tend to reincarnate in their pack. Since Figgy came from my cat hoarder sister's menagerie, he would reincarnate from her hoard if I was to find him again. Not knowing this, my little sister, chose him to rescue and take to me a year and a half ago.

"Blake also wants to join us," Melchior added.

Oh good," I thought. Blake often made me laugh with his bravado that finally got him killed. When he hustled down the street to keep up with me and Hattie, his little toy poodle ears would fly out from his head like ear flaps, esp. when the wind was blowing in his face. I know that he and Baltho hooked up in the life between lives when, after Baltho died, they visited every night for 10 nights, waking me up by jumping on the bed. When Blake followed us home shortly after Hattie died, having been rescued from Federal Blvd. by a neighbor, I didn't think about his being the little coal colored toy poodle that always came with Baltho, though some of the other dogs varied.

It took me maybe a year for the light to go on.

So he's welcome. I hope he's not so foolhardy this time.
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