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I feel the need to be with a cluster mate next year.Its getting like if I can't recharge my energy.Also being someone who is on the know about things even if you don't say anything , there is a electricity in the air.
God its hard parting with them.Just suppose to be a sign post or guide.Go this way or theres a person you should see.Our problem we have fallen in love with the messager in each others cases.
You can and do go on with life without a cluster mates about most of us do.You know how that feels don't you.Have stay busy so you don't think so much.Happiness can not be bought,but you can make a down payment on it .One of the biggest things desolved in peoples lives who become suddenly become rich, like baseball players is that there no any happier.Better then being poor but no serenity.It really gets you after awhile many chase drugs or some other thing take this vacate space.
I call it an emptiness that can't be filled.Or a endless searching.You know this feeling.
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