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Default My lovely Peg,

I just watched the video as promised and feel a whole lot better about 12-21-2012. Not only is it not the end of time, it is not even the end of the Mayan calendar! Hahahah! We have had so much BS thrown at us by the media to keep us in fear of that date. That's the part I don't understand. Why do they want us to be afraid? What can fear accomplish? What is their goal?

Anyway, he explains clearly and concisely how 2012 is strictly an Earthly phenomenon based on precession and nothing more. The good news is that the Maya felt our level of consciousness would be at its highest potential ever! That's wonderful news!

It kind of takes the pressure off me to try to do something to bring about a change of paradigm (paradigm shift) by being connected to the right group of people. We have eighteen more years of this cycle. If I understand it right, 2012 is a peak opportunity, but not the only one we will have to shift our consciousness. He said parts of the calendar go into the year 4000, and he said 11-11-11 was a pivotal point to cross as far a doom and gloom went--we made it!!!!! Now we have the good which comes with change.

I'm on board that train. I hope everybody is. Thank you for the link. You made my day and probably the rest of my year, maybe even the rest of my life.... Love, C.

HAND, Cher O.

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