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Last night I went to sleep and I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling and had many flashes as I call them over the years.Use to scare the hell out of me but now I just say bring it on show what you got.This time it was different it was entitys of light dancing on the ceiling and the walls.I know what your thinking cars what not but we live away from traffic almost in bonies.So I sat up looked at my wife asleep.Holy Jesus I said if your going to take me, later would be better I got stuff I want to do yet.
Last few days I have been sleeping but its more a trace like sleep.Asleep yet awake to a degree.What I am finding is for some reason my mind is being opened more to these kind of things.Now here's the deal about flashes as I call them many times its of past life that you don't want to forget for some reason.Usually a person that was important wife or husband or child.
One of my grand daughters has been having a dream off and on about a car crash that kills her mother for years now.She is 8 years old now and once whispered to me its my mother from another life.
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