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Default On a Lighter Note....

Sean and I had a truly miraculous Christmas Day!!!!

Yesterday, Sean expressed to me that he is ready to play the guitar again. Now, this is a huge thing because he used to play the guitar every time he sat down. It was like attached to his hip and he loved it - it was his Passion. Heretofore, he has not mentioned it. And yes, I have been wondering when he would be ready to play again. And yesterday, he told me he was. So, I told him that I would find a way to get him a guitar.

Now, I casually mentioned to my brother that I was going to look for a guitar for Sean at the Pawn Shops and he jumped right on that and said, "Let me take of that, I want to provide that for him." Within ten minutes my brother wrote me back and he told me that he had put funds into my account to not only buy Sean a guitar but for my Christmas as well. Well, I just went all giddy, like a kid at Christmas. And when I told Sean, he like went into shock! So, today has been fairyland for us. We got online and went to Guitar Center and Sean found the perfect guitar for him. It is a Washburn rover Travel Guitar which is smaller than a regular guitar but will be perfect for Sean in the wheelchair and perfect for him when he can walk again. Anyway, we ordered and it has a case to hold it along with a strap and picks. We were so excited that we looked at it over and over again.

And then, Momma ordered her gift from her brother. A set of T-Fal non-stick cookware which I have been wanting for some ten years at least. So, both Sean and I have been like two little kids at Christmas today and will be for some days to come. How special is that????

We feel so blessed and so grateful. Thank you, Bubba, we love you dearly.
By the way, Sean can play the guitar beautifully. So, this will be a pleasure to all within hearing range.

Love, Deb
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