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Smile Standing Tall In Love And Light

This is what a person on the 2012Scenario YahooGroup (2012Scenario at said, and I quote it in its entirety:

"My vision and the words I heard while meditating, now my motto:


We stand tall in this hour to consciously unite as One. We raise our hands to the Glory of the Source with Golden Light emanating from our hands and our hearts we stand tall against the fear monger.

We stand tall as Light Workers of this planet. We Are One. United in this Glory of the Source and the Bosom of Gaia we extend our Hearts in Love, our hands in Healing and our ever brighter beaming lights to completely dispel the remnants of fear, control and misleading info.

We stand tall in this the hour of greatest importance. We gather as One to unite with AAMichael and become his force of humanity that will see this planet and our ascension into the Aquarian Age.

No longer can the anti Love forces chase us into obedience. No longer can the waning efforts of the dark scare us into cringing in the corner waiting for their next move.

We are uniting at this very moment around the world to become united with the One. We ask you AAMichael to join us with your flaming swords of glory and love to banish fear, hate, greed and grief from this planet and our presence.

We are co-creators of this world and our life and as creators we see and command the truth to be known, the welcoming of our star families, the end of wars and the end of the dark side NOW.

Join us one and all in a stance of solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, our luminous lights blending into the brightest , lovingest glow the Universe has ever seen. No longer will our loved ones be your guinea pigs oh dark ones. We are One and growing stronger despite your efforts.

As we unite with AAMichael and ALL of his Angels and The Galactic Federation and our brothers and sisters look around, see us, we all are standing tall, beaming our ever larger heart beams of light around this globe. Connecting with our fellow Light Workers and singing Hallelujah, we have won, we the people and Gaia our mother earth have ascended with no one left behind.

Blessings, Ruth and Spirit"
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