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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant pondered in the moment
As she dealt with the physicality of her being.
There seemed to be some despondancy
That left her amiss and she didn't quite know
How to embrace this infraction on her being.

It was then that she so realized that she was connected
To those in her life that were going through scenerios
That she couldn't describe other than it was beyond her experience
And that all she could do was to be with them in the spirit of her soul
Yet knowing not the immediacy of the experience.

It was then, The Big Elephant realized the best thing that she could do
Was to simply provide loving energy to surround another in a hug
And to allow that energy to work in whatever manner was needed
For that one that struggled. So she allowed her energy to be with that one.
And for the moment, she felt that she had done all that she could do.

For, until one comes to the moment of reckoning, one does not know
What position they will take on there successive journey.
One can spout all types of recommendations but until one is, indeed
In the moment, does one find they have to deal with the physical first
And that the spirtual has not yet arrived.

But, when it does, all doubts are layed to rest and one knows that what
They have striven towards, does indeed exist and reside within their realm
Of consciousness - the realm of being, simply being.
And in that realm, there is no judgement, not criticism, no doubts
It is all free range knowing of who you are in the entirity of the Universe.

I so love you,
The Big Elephant and Deb
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