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Default And The Beat Goes On!

Stopped by to take Sean and his roommate some more sodas and cinnamon rolls. Sean told me that the new Social Worker has filled out an application for him to apply for assistance from a charity in OK to provide a prosthetic for him. She seems very positive about this agency as she has worked with them before. Also, the prosthetic company that is working with Sean is going to contact the agency here to see what is available there. The wonderful thing is they have taken it out of my hands and are doing the leg work and I am just estactic about that as they both know the process that needs to be gone through and the language and criteria and all that good stuff. So, both Sean and I are grateful for this assistance. We are both just being grateful for his prosthetic and his being able to walk again - we are invisioning that everyday and living in gratitude. So, we know, we know it will happen.

Sean is so cute. He says, "Mom, I know I need to learn patience." I said, "Oh yeah, you are gettin' that good. Because that is one of the major things in living a life of gratitude that is required - patience, for everything to happen in IT'S own timing. When we allow that, we provide no resistance and thus essentially, speed up the process for our desires to manifest. And so it is that we are both learning together and what a beautiful, sweet journey that is. Each day brings us closer to Sean coming home and for us to share our home together again. We are both so looking forward to that.

There is so much potential and so many possibilities. We are both looking forward to finding all the possiblities for Sean to pursue as he thrives in his wondrous life. He has touched so many peoples lives, not only here but at the facility where he lives. A woman came to his room yesterday, asking for his assistance with her son who will be there for a period of time. Sean listened to her and began to give her advice on being in this situation and how best to handle it. I was so proud of him.

Anyway, thank you all for your continued support with your loving hearts and especially this time of the year. Sean and I have learned to be GRATEFUL every day and not just during the holidays. And we feel very fortunate in that learning - it has truly blessed our lives. No matter what the circumstances, gratitude certainly lifts us above our circumstances and fortunates us to a higher degree of deliverance from negativity. So, we dwell in positive anticipation everyday and that is a delight!

Love you all,
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