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Default Dark forces that want to disrupt spiritual evolution in Heaven.

I am reading a phenomenal book called "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" by Suzanne Ward. Suzanne regularly posts Matthew's messages on the Encounter Board.

I just finished reading a remarkable chapter where Matthew discusses the dark forces on the other side, in Heaven. I would like to share some of this profound material with you.

Suzanne: Please tell me about these forces that can penetrate ths shield? (The shield is a flexible blanket of light that permeates us, akin to your atmosphere (Earth) in that it not only surrounds bodies, it is within them. The shielding is the Christed light, radiant from Creator, transmitted to and through God and directed to our realm and the other realms that serve the same purpose as Nirvana, also known as Heaven.)

Matthew: They're the dark forces that want to disrupt the tranquility, learning and healing, and especially the spiritual evolution, that go on here. We're constantly fighting those foes--not in battle as you think of it, with fighting forces and weapons, but with light. Often these energies are an unidentifiable entity. A force field probably is a better designation, and it is powerful. Mother, there are activities of such massive destruction on the inner planes that are beyond your comprehension. Sometimes it is behond my own, not as to what is happening, but why.

The entire universe is being affected by this era of upheaval. This corruption and deceit and warmongering on Earth are not the cause of catastrophic world events there, but symptoms of the wider spread and more drastic events happening on a universal scale. In many ways we are protected from the harshness that is affecting so many other souls.
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What the hell is going on here ! I am speechless, shocked, and amazed to discover this. In many ways I am finding out that Heaven is quite similar to life here on Earth.

What are the dark forces all about? Why do they exist in Heaven? Why would Heaven even allow these dark forces to penetrate their space?

I remember Shirley talking to her guests on IE radio about dark forces, and the power they may have over us and our universe. Her guests didn't have much to say about this. Now, I am beginning to understand why Shirley has questioned man's true nature, and how it could be dark, in one of her books.

I am curious to know what your thoughts are on this most interesting and profound subject matter.
P.S....This facinating book talks about how Star Beings frequent Heaven. How extraordianary is this !

Eternal Love and Light,
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