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Default Update

Hello, my friends. Thank you all so much for all your prayers
and energies for Mariella, her pets, me, and Deb.

Its 9:15 pm here and I am just now settling down to relax a
bit Have been on the phone with Mariella's contacts most
of the evening after getting home from the hospital tonight.
I went to her house on my lunch hour to make sure the
animals have water and food, and to let them out to do their
'business'. However, they didn't want to go! There's got to be
a trick to this!

When I went to see Mariella tonight she looked extremely tired
and worn out. She said when they sat her up today, her blood
pressure shot up extremely high on both levels. Said they are
giving her blood pressure meds via IV to try and get it down.
Cant help but be concerned about this development, but she is
in the right place to get it resolved, thankfully. She doesn't
have much of an appetite yet. They brought her a food tray
while I was there (her first bit of solid and liquid sustenance
since Thursday!). (They checked her throat muscles to be
sure they are working and she wouldn't choke, and determined
it was ok for solid food and liquid). Since she is right handed
where the paralysis is, it was awkward using her left hand,
but with some help from me, we managed. Yet, she only ate
about two bites from each dish, and a couple of sips of milk,
juice, and tea. Her left side and butt is in pain laying on it for
so long, even tho the staff comes in and tries to rotate her
to ease the pressure, she soon falls back into that position.
I hope she gets a good night's sleep tonight.

Her friend from Calif got in tonight and went to see her. That
perked her up quite a bit (yeah I will take off work tomorrow and
meet with her and her husband and Mariella, so we can formulate
plans re the animals, etc.

I so appreciate each and every one of you, I can't thank you
enough for your loving and caring hearts and energies. And so
does Mariella, as I told her Sunday the Shirleygang is surrounding
her as we speak with Love and Light and Healing energies for
her highest good. She is very grateful and thanks you all so so

Love you all...Peg
Blessed Be,
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