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Default Good News!

Heard from Peg this morning. MamaSaki did have a stroke and there was blood on the brain causing the paralysis. However, the doctor seems to think that paralysis will subside when the bleeding stops and that she has a 90% recovery. They will keep her in the hospital for a few more days to rehydrate and then she will be going to rehabilitation in a stroke nursing/rehab facility. Peg is supposed to go by after work today to check on her and then she will call me with an update.

MamaSaki said as she lay there that she didn't want to go until after December 21st - she said she wants to know what is going to happen.
Peg said her humor is still in tack for sure. Peg is checking on the pets until she can get in touch with the person that MamaSaki designated caretaker.

Anyway, things are looking up and we are counting our blessings once again.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and loving intentions on her behalf. She so certainly appreciates it.

Love to you all,
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