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Default choosing your life

when your in the life between life just before you come back for another life,you are taken to a viewing room.Desribed as large 3d translucent screen.IF you've ever had vision like I have you know what I mean.Its a sence appears in black and white in my case that you can see through but is solid enough to see whats happen.Voices are you can hear in your head.Then disappears as fast as it came.
In this other case we can jump into this persons life that has already happen.Confusing I know.That all these lives view have in truth already happen.You put your personal stamp on them.Given clues about each a sample not the end result.
So in each you have this thing to resolve and if you don't must come back over and over again until you do and then move on the next thing.Which for most of us are many.
I have been able to trace myself back about 1200A.D. a slow learner.I do like the vices.In each I have met my companion or soul mate and we help each other among other things.She has been my lover ,my mother,my sister.Married many times over.Friends as children only in my case die young at that incarnation.
So you choose this life and god knows why,I always think maybe I should choose another.Instead of which one offers the most fun.Anyway so you are confronted with this thing you must over come in your present life.How you deal with it is the how you will be judged.Do it over again or move on.
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