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Default Books of life and grand viewing room

Books of life as said before are a live 3d life of a person.Entities study these books when they come back often the life they just left.I should have done this and that was result of my actions on other people and so on.The entitys all visions created by them often picture a library or a room with a setting of earth like appearance.But entities are not only from earth but other planets.Some of the other planets are said to be peaceful compared to earth and sometimes we choose to go to one of these planets after very difficult incarnation.
The question most asked of me.There are more people then years past on this planet ,so how can it be possible with number diffence?I say you think to small.The Universal Mind continues to emit entities not only here but all the inhabit planets through out the vast space and time.It is limitless..

Grand viewing room.Is a place you are taken just before you return to choose your life.We choose our lives we live now,that alone should help people think a minute about things.Usually offered 3 lives.You given sences and can jump in to simple it future.But not given the final outcome or too many details.
If requested two entities may on back to same time period and or some family or friend or lover.
Cayce talked about his going to the books of life to get answers about the people he was asked about.
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